Inspiration: Club Monaco Fall 2011

I am so in love with this palette from Club Monaco's 2011 Fall Collection. The earthy tones mixed with rich reds and browns will be so perfect for when the leaves change color.


The Flaming Lips - In the Morning of the Magicians

I had a meeting earlier this week at a local Crema.
Their iced lattes are really good by the way, and personalized playlists are always the best.

So that's when I heard the Flaming Lips, and loved.

Sharing some love with you all now,

The Flaming Lips - In the Morning of the Magicians

Afternoon Stroll; Chance Happenings

Today was a late kind of day. Left the house to look for information about wine at the reference library but sadly came home empty handed.

I picked up a cappuccino to make things a little better, and as I walk into my street, I noticed a little something sitting on a ledge.

Sorry in advance for the quality of the photo, but I'll make it up to you with the quality of the subject, aha!

Indeed that is a baby squirrel. I kept the little guy company for a bit. Or maybe he kept me company. Thought of helping him out, but sometimes I think they're a little stronger than we think of them, and thrive better on their own. Anyhow, because of him, I got to meet a few of my neighbors that I've never spoken to before. Big thanks for bringing us together little booger.

Another day worth while.


A Day in the Life

Lost and found objects wherever we go,


James Vincent McMorrow - Breaking Hearts

Oh man, check him OUT. Amazing voice.
It's so sunny and hot out today, and I'm in such a great mood. I hope his voice does something for you too.


Morning at the Patio

Spent a wonderful morning with my good friend Trish at a local Starbucks - full of stories, music exchanges, revisiting photography, and talks about our future. The both of us are attending our 4th year in university, so you can imagine how that's like. Mornings like these are a necessity!


Clazziquai - Hold Your Tears

Sharing with you Clazziquai's Hold Your Tears on this awesome Friday evening. They're a little mix of various genres, from jazz to electronica and to kpop. I really liked their setting for this video, and I have a soft spot for good duets.